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Feedback after the Art and Recycling workshop in




  • These 4 hours were more valuable than one year! Excellent! We’d need more videos!
  • Now I am thinking more about to protect the environment than earlier by recycling plastic.
  • We want to keep our environment very nicely and today I ant to start it from my place. I would like to know more about how can we recycle.
  • Through the videos we were really shocked by seeing how much damage people have done to the environment. We will never forget that!
  • Very valuable lecture! It helps to improve human qualities. Thank you very much madam!
  • It was a pure awareness session about an issue which we have not paid much attention to. We loved the workshop as it was filled with art and crafts, story telling and presentations. Introduce more movies or video clips.
  • I really appreciate you, because you came from another country and gave the workshop. Thank you very much!
  •   It opened our eyes! If you can plan another workshop to see the progress of the first one I think your noble attempt will be more successful.
  • You woke us up. Now I have a clean idea about my surrounding. Valuable, enjoyable. I improved lots of things as a teacher. I improved my presentation skills, even how to present a lesson to the class in an attractive way. I think it would be much better if you could do this workshop taking more time.
  • We can use the Kiran story to give a remarkable idea for the children’s minds. It is really touching everybody’s hearts. Excellent work. We learnt how to see the beauty of nature. We learned how to reduce garbage. As a suggestion if you could do the workshop inside a forest or at the beach I think people would feel the message even closer.
  • It was very useful. I learnt a lot of things from this workshop. I will start my part to keep the environment clean. If you could use more visual help that would be very good.
  • We got a good message that we have not considered and now we know we have to do something starting from us. Give more time. The duration was not enough.
  • I gathered a lot of things to teach to the students and I got more awareness for myself about recycling plastic. The story of Kiran was very touching. A very useful workshop to give awareness to open up the eyes more towards the reality.
  • The workshop was useful because it opened our eyes to something we didn’t notice even though we saw it.
  • The workshop was very useful, because we got a lot of facts about recycling. If we want to protect our environment from today we must think about the recycling.
  • The workshop was useful. Now we know that we can do something to save our environment. And we know how we want to teach our children. It was very useful for us. Now I know that we can do something to protect our environment. I know how to make new lessons and how to teach them. I learned how to be a creative and active person.
  • It was really interesting, enjoyable and valuable workshop that I have participated in my life. If we can get more ideas about the way we can recycle the pollityne and plastic from the workshop.
  • The workshop is more useful. Really I feel that I should do something to protect our nature. I suggest to implement such a project with the students.
  • I got the knowledge about recycling. After watching that video and photos I saw we are getting big problem in the future and I decided to do something to protect our environment.
  • The workshop is very useful for human beings.
  • Thank you very much for giving the most important information for us.
  • Today I thought to educate all the people regarding this problem and I will also practice it. I would like to have workshops like this every year to remind us the value of protecting our environment.
  • We can improve by making students take part in the workshop.
  • It was useful as we got a good method to teach.
  • Before you conducted this workshop I have forgotten to protect the environment. As a teacher I have a big responsibility to guide the students to protect the environment. I got new ideas about how to protect the environment.


2. LEED’S INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE in Galle – October 2013


  • It’s a very pleasant and useful workshop for our day today work. Thank you very much!
  • I can apply the activity just to collect rubbish on the beach. Excellent!!! Go ahead!!!
  • This workshop is useful because although we are aware of this problem we did not take steps on an individual level. This workshop makes us, actually forces us to take the necessary steps to save the future of our children. I think it would be better if you could get the participation of the school children too. Start today to save your future!
  • This workshop conduced by Joanna is an eye opener for me. Even though we know a little about plastic menace, only today I realized the danger! In my generation as children we never had plastic. Only bags made of reef, glass bottles, etc. We also have changed into this lifestyle like “blind people”. Thank you for the awareness raising today. From today I will join the Non-plastic users movement. I will try my best. More and more students should be involved in your workshops. FANTASTIC EYE OPENER that changed our lifestyle back to nature.
  • Actually it was a very successful workshop to all. Because we gained a lot of things from you.
  • I found your workshop extremely useful because it provided a lot of information on a dangerous environmental issue that we are facing at the present. It made me realize that we need to act immediately in order to save the future of our children. The workshop is very orderly and methodically planned. It was interesting and every item was designed perfectly. A little bit of music or singing would have added some flavor to it. It was an interesting, very useful and SHOCKING workshop.
  • It was very useful to me. Because I am using plastic at home a lot. When I am travelling to Colombo most of the times I buy a water bottle every day. S I thought that it’s better to bring a water bottle from home. I have learnt from your workshop that we can’t be away from plastic, but we have to reduce the usage of it and recycle it and reuse.
  • Very useful, Magnificent and not boring workshop.
  • The workshop was very useful for the teachers. Thank you! Wish you all the best!
  • This workshop was very useful to me. I learned so many things through this workshop. This will help us to guide the students, community about recycling. Through these activities students will learn hot to protect the environment, and how to recycle the things that we are throwing to the environment. Knowledgeable, fantastic and fruitful workshop. Actually I learnt many things through this workshop. I improved hot to use the things (to recycle) which we are throwing away; how to educate the students about recycling; the correct things that we should use. Thank you very much to guide us about recycling!





  • Let’s save the country, let’s save the nation and leave it for the future generations.
  • It’s very useful because we can advice our children to do the protection of the environment. Not only them, also to make their future bright. Because we all should have a healthy life with green environment. I will do my best to reduce the pollution of the environment. Make the whole world beautiful without pollythine forever.
  • It is absolutely useful as we already know about plastic problem, but it was a good programme to update our knowledge. Thank you Mam. I try my best and after participating in this programme I have got new ideas too. Definitely I am going to do some activities. The workshop was interesting. I gained a lot of new information and enjoyed the 3 hours for a good thing. Again thank you Madam. God bless you!
  • As teachers we have power and responsibility to look after our mother nature. Thank you for making me vigilant. Yes, with visual aids we can get the attraction and the attention of the students. Quotes and pictures will be displayed. The workshop educated me why the environment was given. Thank you!
  • It was very useful for us to get an idea about recycling and it was fantastic.
  • The workshop was a very useful thing for me. It let me know about the situation in the world and the pollution.
  • It’s a brilliant and useful workshop. This should be done everywhere so that people can understand the situation of the world. Thank you very much for conducting this workshop.
  • We are going to use these things in the classroom. I hope the children will learn a lot. Thank you very much for visiting us. I hope you will visit us again. Fantastic workshop!
  • It was very useful for us. It gives us good ideas about how to keep our environment clean and beautiful. It is very important, we got a lot of information about harmful effects of plastic.
  • As a teacher I am also trying to make my students love the nature. Only they can protect and make it beautiful and enjoy their life in the future. By doing the activities children will gain more and learn more as well as find more new thing and ideas. I am going to do my best to control plastic material used in our town.
  • It was useful because we gained a lot of knowledge from this workshop. We got to know about the danger in using plastics and now we know hot to overcome this menace. We can also let the children know about this tragedy.
  • You presented a fantastic workshop to us. I absorbed a lot of ideas, how to save the world. Thank you very much Madam. God bless you!
  • It was useful because today I feel about my country environment and our children’s future.
  • The information about plastic, the debate, the activities, everything was very useful.
  • I will use the techniques used in the activity of story telling. It was very useful for me.
  • The workshop is very useful to us, because we learnt a lot about the environment as well as how we should love our country and other countries. Not only that. It was very interesting for us. Thank you Mam. I hope you will visit us again and give us valuable ideas to protect the world. Thank you again.
  • This is a very Fantastic workshop. I gained a lot of new ideas from this workshop. It is very interesting to have a workshop like this. This knowledge is very useful for our future generations. Thank you.